ESPN wins the most racist headline of the decade contest.
  • rejectedjokesESPN wins the most racist headline of the decade contest.

  • bmillermd24That expression was created long before racism created that derogatory term. They are not being racist at all by saying that.
  • bmillermd24Jk, it is terrible.
  • tarmacThe word "niggardly" existed before American slavery, you don't see people throwing that word around town.
  • thereeldaryljWow!
  • nanmoneyWow. Wtf.
  • jimjanekWow
  • caity_cakes@tarmac I'm sorry but the word niggardly has absolutely nothing to do with and no ties to the "n" word. And ppl still use it in writing and as part of their vocab today.
  • caity_cakesBut as for that headline.. Smh.. That's another matter. They are obviously using chinked as a way to refer to the racist term.
  • baronvonfancy🔥🔥🔥
  • ghostieoI don't get it, he's not wearing any armor.
  • tarmac@caitycakes87 that's right. And I encourage you to walk up to a group if African Americans and eloquently describe how something about them strikes you as niggardly. It's only English.
  • caity_cakesAnd that's just calling African Americans ignorant cause I've known people to use the term amongst my own friends. @tarmac
  • caity_cakesIt's the same as saying don't use the word gimmick around Irish people because that sounds too much like the word mick
  • tarmac@caitycakes87 Yep, if an African American gets upset because you call the niggardly, they are the ignorant ones.
  • caity_cakesYes, because just because a word sounds like another does not mean they are related. Wer going in circles. Let's agree to disagree.
  • philpierrepaulStill SMH
  • davesnotherenorthere_81Definitely one of the best young comics out there. Good job on @peepworld. Come to Toronto!
  • samracz@rejectedjokes I noticed you're following @taylorswift now. Congrats on making the leap!
  • baegohpahDid you see the fortune cookies in the Ben and jerry linsanity Ice cream?
  • jaykuo_ramen_noodlesThat's pretty cool, but still
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