• jasonradical#PREACH #KONY2012 #TRUTH

  • coopers_mamarazziAmen!
  • nursedeeejay#stopkony
  • vicster223@jradruss truth>lies #kony2012 #stopatnothing #mysonisaroadie
  • leandra.bowenAmen! We can do this!
  • aidan217I'm proud I say I made my school aware about Kony #kony2012 #stopjosephkony #stopatnothing #takeaction
  • ____b_____c@jradruss make an app
  • georgiaapaige@jradruss THIS IS Brilliant!!! I showed 30 11/12 year old kids the Kony 2012 video and they have been making posters and showing that Kony really does need to be stopped! It was the first time these kids actually worked together! So you've not only made them into activists, you've allowed them to make friends along the way! So #thankyou @jradruss!!!! #kony2012 #stopatnothing #deadmanwalking #invisiblechildren #josephkony
  • snapnstrumYes! Speak!! Love this!
  • kylightsThe naysayers are still watching though aren't they! You guys rock...thank you for connecting and empowering us all :)
  • dick_jaso13Deep!
  • _erin_anne_
  • lovely_harrystylesYou all are amazing I will help you any way that I can but I just wanted to say thank you!!! 😘✌
  • ashleechuAmen to that.
  • ahlexsiKony died 5 years ago...KONY 2012 IS A SCHEME AND ONLY 13% OR LESS GOES TO THE INVISIBLE CHILDREN!!!!
  • catplouffe@ahlexsi quit the spamming, and get your facts.
  • radumb@catplouffe the facts cannot be acquired by only watching one 30 minute propaganda film. I too was swindled by the invisible children.
  • catplouffe@radumb there isn't just a 30 min film that exists. I've heard about the rebels for so long and had friends going to Africa to help kids that managed to escape.
  • radumb@catplouffe got it. Bit Kony isn't even in Uganda anymore and his 30,000 LRA is more like less than 300 now.
  • radumb@wenonakeishmull what about the fact the Ugandan army is just as guilty of rape and child abduction as the LRA? I'm just saying all the bleeding hearts should do a little more research before jumping behind a cause. I wish I would have before I started supporting the Invisible Children.
  • withalilhelpfrommymat@radumb so because you say that the Ugandan army is supposedly doing the same as the LRA you are going to judge people for supporting a cause that can save thousands Of lives? We are doing something good, I don't think we have to waist time explaining why we support this cause, we are doing something good, we are at the very Least taking action about something that is wrong. Also I have been following conflicts in Africa for a very long time and I can tell you that the LRA no matter if a million or only 10 have cause and are still causing more damage than any other terrorist group in the continent and his includes al- shabab (linked to alqaeda) is not about the number is about creating a precedent in which atrocities like this don't happen again not only in Africa but all over the world, and we want to establish this precedent by capturing the worst war lord as said by the InTernational CRiminal court. Good night.
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