Who ever has the best photo caption gets a retweet.
  • nicky_haydenWho ever has the best photo caption gets a retweet.

  • bubbztheawesome"I was this close!!!!"
  • dogfishipafanNicky- "just a lil gas in the corners" - Rossi- "nah lots of gas, like this!"
  • adoubleleyeYour voice just need to go down this much, ---is this better----
  • jbclarissa@gabrielou lol i vote for you!
  • francescotozziValentino Creed and Nicky Balboa in Ducati Stallion!!!
  • kokodcmVerga el duo dinámico!
  • mofo413046 comments!:) I'm 47!
  • martee0711Nicky - "And this is how you play the worlds smallest violin.."
  • martee0711Rossi-.... 2nd pic Rossi - "(making motorcycle sounds....)" Nicky- "Dude...your not even listening to me..."
  • nic_sheeranNicky, seriously Vale, my hair has only grown this much...
  • kol_baileyThat's funny haha.
  • ducati46rossiNicky " I'm the Kentucky kid you don't scare me! I'm gonna be this much of your beef exhaust all day little man!!" Rossi " ehh no no neeky eh youa try Getty pasta me I a do theesa anda put you in gravel justa like cassey!!"
  • _tommyjay_Nicky-he went like this, we went like that, and he was like 'where'd you go?' Vale-and I was looking up saying, 'where'd who go?!!!!'
  • sempre_saturno_contro@daniele3222
  • sempre_saturno_controNicky!
  • italian_pureblood@nicky_hayden "Conditioner!?! Do you have CONDITONER???!! No?.. How about Pollo'?? Do you have Pollo?? Eggs to Donkey??!!!" @StevenJPalumbo
  • johnmimsiiiI'm Rick James bitch... get over there and have sex with Charlie Murphy!
  • devonjacobi30Nicky: The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water... Vali: what is that an American joke?
  • baguz_zeti_99
  • prathiksethiyaNicky: I Farted 💨 only this much. Rossi: Dude your Fart Stinks 😷
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