New addition!
  • kaillowryNew addition!

  • bryanforpresident❤ He's going to be a big boy :D
  • amandalorentsenAwww soo cute you and Chelsea are my favorite teen moms I love you guys❤💜💙
  • kryptokorteksHe's waaaay bigger than any of my 12 dogs! Well, one of them is taller but slender...Good luck with the dog!! In case you've never had one before, a bit of advice: LIVE your dog. Treat him like a dog and respect his "dogness"...the wolf inside. Then he will be a balanced, happy dog. And please, don't put him in a cage like so many americans do!! If you need doggie advice and can't get a hold of Cesar Millán, I'm my city's own "Dog Whisperer"! 
  • danielle.reynoldsAww rottys are one of the best fogs to have around kids , the are so cute as babies <3
  • danielle.reynoldsDogs*
  • _britneyk_He's so adorable!
  • drea1349Cute!!
  • evolpsWaitttt.... This is the cutest thing
  • erinvbnsCute!
  • endless.treasuresLove the new pup!! What did you name him or her?
  • bayleeroseeAww! Isaac must love him!
  • vivi_ysolFine!!! ;)
  • lyss.keeneAww I love him
  • carly__guentherTots adorable
  • maddieecakesssProbably the cutest thing I've ever seen
  • briitnicolemy rotty is the sweetest and most gentle 130 pound animal, ever! good luck with the new addition!
  • jack_kayyI love this photo it's just way to cute:)
  • _erin_anne_Omg too cute
  • joha@medallo4ca bear and isaac when they were little
  • glendas1978So cute
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