Brogan bedazzled her face mask and aria is keepin me company
  • caitlinbeadlesBrogan bedazzled her face mask and aria is keepin me company

  • xx.phiaYou rock! Hope you get better soon!!!!
  • amyj1996get well soon catlin xxxx
  • indigomerrmaidStay strong caitlin. 💜
  • sarahmobleyyWhat happend
  • jasminepeach_Caitlin, you are beautiful💗 stay strong 💗
  • victoriarea_Ur gorgeous! Get better!!
  • kchanceWhy were you in the hospital? I hope your feeling better now. I will keep you in my prayers 💗
  • kendrit.aShe didn't have stomach cancer she got into a water sking accident
  • ashleyarnold24I was praying for you😃!!!
  • mclaramirandaI love you so much, please do not ignore this comment. you're actually someone in my life for which I care. caitlin i love you so, so want you to know I'll always be by your side even if you do not see me. you're so strong and beautiful. like an angel.
  • princesssayruh@you_love_harry_styles_becuse_i that accident was a couple of years ago , before she even knew Brogan . This is pretty recent.
  • nicolegorkaWhat was the accident?
  • brunasilveiraaStay strong cait cuz WE LOVE YOU !! 💜💘
  • elisajgkStay strong.. I love u.
  • iniallhoranfansWhat happen?
  • misssunsign13What happened to her????? Somebody please reply!!!!
  • lindseyiveyyShe was out on a boat with her friends and she was like wakeboarding and she got knvocked off and a boat came and didnt see her and the propellers cut pff her leg, she lost alot of blood and they thought she was gonna die but she lived through it with Gods help and friends helped her get therough she was uncouncious for a while but finally she woke up and it took her A LONG TIME to recover but she went to physical therapy and now shes better but this was along time ago like when she was dating justin bieber @misssunsign13 well after they dated
  • ninapaolicelliHer leg did not get cut off. @lindseyiveyy
  • inigopascualukyou're so strong caitilin & you're a huge inspiration. I'm always here for you even if you see me as just one of those fans, ily
  • elllliewalsh@kira_roberts
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