"Jebel Ali Sunset" #model #bikini #Dubai #photooftheday
  • marioguarneros"Jebel Ali Sunset" #model #bikini #Dubai #photooftheday

  • port_noyPretty right, but more interesting's the light plus unsharpness around her. Very nice!
  • ong8So sexy sexy.
  • segonautVery sexy
  • funkmaticAwesome! Did u use goldcolored reflection screens? And what kind of lens?
  • marioguarneros@matt_grooves hey there. Nothing just off camera #Speedlite for fill light and shot at sunset with a #canon 24-105 L.
  • funkmaticThat worked out very well! Gotta buy myself a new flash for my nikon I guess :)
  • buff_samurailove the color/lighting
  • marioguarneros@matt_grooves I remember using a Sigma one when I started and spent all my cash on body and lens, the flash died in the middle of the shoot, worst shit ever. Fortunately I had still good natural light to go on and a white windscreen cover to act as a reflector to continue.
  • marioguarneros@leahcim1110 thanks. Glad u like it. I did the sepia/gold in post. Nothing major, just light and tone adjustments in Lr3.
  • funkmaticOh I can imagine that must have been pretty shitty. But yes only natural light can give you wonderful results. I never invested much on a flash cause I'm also into music mixing/producing and that gear costs also alot of $ ;) So at that time I had to set priorities. Anywayz keep up the good work!
  • marioguarneros@matt_grooves tell me about it! I mix with Traktor and a NI Kontrol X1 and a Audio Kontrol 1 plugged to some M-Audio monitors. I don't produce though, NO FREAKIN TIME!! lol. Check out some of my podcast ElectroTek episodes in iTunes: Mario Guarneros ElectroTek. What genre are u into?
  • selena808Sexy.
  • funkmaticAh traktor is nice! I mix with cd: pioneer cdj-2000 and vinyl: technics SL-1200 Mk2. And I produce with Samplitude and cubase controlled by a Mackie Control Universal Pro and M-Audio keyboard. I'm into electro, groove and club and sometimes I grab my guitar to record some pop/rock. Gonna check ur podcast tomorrow ;)
  • yam42
  • icliqphotoUsing dslr?
  • sassydharls
  • marioguarneros@matt_grooves awesome. Do u have a podcast or anywhere I could hear ur work? I'm always searching for new music.
  • wangtongGood pose
  • funkmatic@marioguarneros: Not yet. Almost finished designing my new website. And some songs should be available on iTunes later this year!
  • gymbunnylvWow!
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