American McGee / Gallery 1988 art opening
  • m_shinodaAmerican McGee / Gallery 1988 art opening

  • mckellynnaCool. Is this current?
  • hyprpwrHell yeah top right corner! My girl and I! Pissed that I didn't "find" the right time to approach you. Brough that canvas with the pic of my MS art collection I showed you Saturday at KROQ WR. Hoped to get som doodles. Your piece was amazing. I'm going to email Jensen to see if 2k is doable.
  • aura1399I love American McGee's Alice so much!!! I have played it only once but the Alice madness returns I had played it like 3 times and I just can't gent tired !!
  • aura1399@m_shinoda have you played it??
  • dincdalI remembered the museum cuz you wrote a blog about it. Yeah i miss you so new art news by you
  • janar_of_arcso cute!!!
  • x_a.m.b.e.r_xPlz follow me @m_shinoda
  • michelle_wrageVery cool😎😀
  • saradvelosoLove you my sweet boy ❤️❤️
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