Saturday Night in Glasgow, @ssantiago1 walking on ahead with Mark & Rachel
  • glasgowrendellSaturday Night in Glasgow, @ssantiago1 walking on ahead with Mark & Rachel

  • ssavass
  • raine13Awww you wimped out 
  • glasgowrendell@ssavass @socobird thank you!!
  • glasgowrendell@raine13 I don't see you lyin doon in puddles!!!!!!!!! Haha
  • raine13There are no puddles down here lol 
  • glasgowrendell@raine13 lucky you! In saying that it turned out nice tonight 
  • raine13Yayyyyy  not out gambling again tonight then?  hehe
  • this_pictureNice one!!
  • glasgowrendell@raine13 I don't gamble!!!! Lol. Was out for dinner, Nandos @ Glasgow fort... Becoming a habit. Bit optimistic 9 people turning up for an unhooked table, but got a 4 and a 5 so not too bad. Btw, if ya haven't already, you should check out my mate Stephane's feed @ssantiago1 . Think I'm turning him into an addict, as he was snapping away tonight, a bit like I do these days. You up to much?
  • raine13Ooh very nice, impressed you got tables tho, good going  .... I shall check him out, lol @ him being an addict, it doesn't take long does it!.... Amazing how we all see things differently these days ... I'm home alone tonight, no kids and Daves at Snowdon, so just me, a glass of red and countless episodes of Greys Anatomy to catch up on lol
  • glasgowrendell@raine13 yep, totally loving it! IG 4eva! Haha. Aw, a nice wee chilled out night to yourself is always nice every so often. Never got into GA, dunno what all the fuss is
  • glasgowrendell@raine13 ...about!!! Lol
  • raine13IG rocks!!! Haha .... *sigh* typical blokes response 
  • glasgowrendellWell I guess I'm a typical bloke then 
  • glasgowrendell#rhcontest
  • glasgowrendell@goincase thank you so much!!  done! Lol
  • wippyLove this!
  • glasgowrendell@wippy thanks matey. Similar shot in full colour posting in a minute actually
  • wippyWill take a look when posted!
  • glasgowrendell@kewiki @musiccityace #limbo_challenge
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