My computer for the day
  • omMy computer for the day

  • shujstyleHey, it's got an integrated printer! 
  • ladislavklincNo blue screens and excelent battery life:)
  • omShuj nice one
  • monanomuraWow nice penmanship. #impressive
  • omThanks Mona
  • lovekauaiWriting by hand posesses a certain je ne sais quoi that makes it simply glamourous. Hand written post is one of the best gifts to receive or give.
  • omIndeed.
  • dbarraI'm glad I'm not the only one who occasionally goes back to pen and paper.
  • omActually for me it is most of the time when I am in a thinking mode
  • sharonerdeBeautiful handwriting
  • omThanks Sharon
  • tammycampNice. Let's bring back the old school.
  • omOld school never left ;-)
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