First day back at @Twitter. Feels like the first day of school. But better.
  • jackFirst day back at @Twitter. Feels like the first day of school. But better.

  • siete11What's next for the blue bird?
  • alvaresGreat
  • rowiro#congrats!
  • smith_and_sons_Welcome back Jack.
  • kbrlynice name place.
  • jasonhao2010Do you work for twitter?
  • talkeSuper exciting stuff!
  • shujstyleBack to the origins 
  • niketasNow you're paid again.
  • sieyin@haohuaqi He invented it and now he is its CEO.
  • jasonhao2010Congratulations! I believe twitter will become better under the leadership of Jack!
  • bearsandarrowsyou have no idea how much I love twitter<3 the twitter app for my iPhone is my best friend!
  • elkebretzGood to see you're back at Twitter.
  • unexpected_itemGotta say, Jack, the new app for mobile and Mac desktop is pretty much the best Twitter interface now.
  • abdullhfhThank you for inventing Twitter. 
  • laurendaymakeupLove the blue twitter bird! :)
  • alexvalGolf luck in this new road... We all love twitter
  • alexvalI mean, GOOD LUCK hahahaha
  • shutterbugcaliforniaguyLove the iPad twitter app nice touch. Btw, I see twitter wants users to consume more instead of tweet. Why?
  • rowayneHey jack! Hope you see this and think to your self... Just maybe he has the next best thing? I always think social media needs to keep evolving.!! Your ideas came from MSN, AOL messenger .... And then you guys revolutionised the world..I honestly think my idea will do the same if not more! I would love to pitch it to you or at least get your feedback on it ..... It's okay if that's not possible ...ill keep trying influential people until I'm that person!
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