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  • aydafieldwilliamsCOMPETITION ALERT!! #MeetRyda #Reveal #followme AWxx
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  • helenharveybennettMade me laugh out loud when I read her majesty the queen thought you were a member of the band Madness ! 😂👍
  • ievaredisoneHmm, hard to pick one story. As I have very vivid imagination I see everything I read, and Release was a very good movie 😍 ok, picking one, the last one about Ayda's live chat. Very funny to "watch". I'm really happy you both have met, as I think you complete each other. It's amazing to see how Rob enjoys his life despite even anxiety, depression etc. thank you for being you! And it would be really great to meet you both in Riga, or any other place in Europe.
  • debbydoll1Love the Maureen story very funny 😂 you are a perfect match and obviously make each other complete . Would love to meet you both 😍
  • bobble_macCan you #Reveal When does this competition end? @aydafieldwilliams
  • dell_shotsI am only a young 12 year old but I am a huge suck up for love stories and yours just topped them all. Love the Maureen story it’s just sooo funny!!! #Reveal @aydafieldwilliams @robbiewilliams
  • marina.collinsLove you two your so cool together. Perfect match x
  • radio334Love both of you heaps. You are just the ants pants and are a match made in heaven ❤❤❤
  • super_sexygemlovely couple x
  • bradleydunn21MY fave story is the bit where you put geri in the boot.. should of left her there tho ha x
  • jamminwithemilyMy favourite was the story about the ‘cleaner’ in the castle. I’ve retold it a few times already, absolute gold. 😂😂😂
  • jenny.daniell.56Where is your beautiful dress from Aida, it is stunning!
  • angschtimannI love how you explain your career to your children😂
  • angschtimann🇨🇭
  • suehandy9Don’t normally read books EVER !!! But since it’s you mr Robbie Williams ( by the way i got a signed copy from rwfanfest for like 6 times the original price 🤣 worth it it’s a good cause 💗 ) and gonna be honest here not had the time to read it yet furtherest ive got - opening the box it came in and having a look at the cover and making sure it was a signed copy 😉 shhhh lets pretend i never told u that and my favourite story in the book is when u put Geri in a hold all 🤣🤣 and i never heard that story on Graham Norton show or anything 😉 .. looking forward to reading the book very soon when i actually get the time !!! Much love 😘😘
  • frajdalajjnenI'm just thinking Sweden would be a great place for you both to come and meet father Christmas and well. .. Me! 😁
  • giorgoskrtzAll the liam gallagher stories
  • scosha35My fave story so far has to be you declaring your desire to sing for Russia in Eurovision 😂😂😂. Chris's description of you starting more fires than your management could put out had me in stitches 😂😂😂
  • hayleydmckMy favourite story was when you were in the train being bullied by the football hooligans 🙈 @robbiewilliams @aydafieldwilliams
  • sophiewaller29The „maid” Maureen in the castle 😂😂😂😂😂 but hey, she’s one lucky girl 😛 xx
  • julia.ra_The story about Geri Halliwell in her car boot! 🙈😂👍🍀