• sheggarioHere, data can be considered expensive if we watch a lot of YouTube, Netflix, iFlix, Hooq, play alot of games, streaming football on Bein, SuperSoccer, NBA on NBA League Pass and we're always mobile. But before we think about those streaming apps, what eats data is actually those apps running in the background. Social media apps are usually the main suspects. .

    Best way to save data quota is using wifi. But before that, there's this app made by google that can control & save our quota. .

    Been trying it for 3 days & it works well. It uses a VPN to manage it & there's a bubble that tracks the usage of the current app we're using. Cherry on top? It has a wifi finder! . .

    Available only on Android, for the time being.. .

    #DatallyByGoogle #handsinframe #flatlay
  • dcr4v3rCoba ah!