Iggy Pop turns 70 today! That time in 1974 when Bowie snuck drugs into the psych ward for poor Iggy: "With his attempts at a solo career failing and addiction overwhelming him, Iggy checked in to the UCLA neuropsychiatric institute hoping to get clean, or at least keep the cops off his back for a while. Soon a famous visitor from his past arrived with a present. "We trooped into the hospital with a load of drugs for him. He wasn't well; that's all we knew. We thought we should bring him some drugs, because he probably hadn't had any for days!" Iggy's caretakers politely declined the gift ("This was very much a leave-your-drugs-at-the-door hospital," as Bowie put it) but the re-established connection with Bowie would soon kickstart the next stage of Iggy's life and career."
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