Dawn amidst giants. #Stonehenge.
  • gatesygramDawn amidst giants. #Stonehenge.

  • afwon"And oh how the danced...the little children of Stonehenge." "No one knows who they were...or what they were doing. But their legacy lives on. Hewn into the immortal rock of Stonehenge." Spinal tap is forever linked to this for me😝
  • terrirochaAwesome photo:)
  • hakijagrabovicaGreat picture 👍
  • amy2913Absolutely gorgeous! I think you need a biochemist on your staff. DNA testing on the fly! There are lots available you know. A thermocycler run by generator and carried on the back of a donkey!
  • micrmacI'm a fan!!!
  • ydnas424@beejaykerr no they don't let you get close up anymore ☹️ you can't even park near it now - they shuttle you in.
  • beejaykerr@ydnas424 Darn.
  • harv_and_harvette"Or, out near Gamehenge I chafed a bone!" 🎵
  • ladylaurie70Brilliant
  • alyssa_love_32❤️❤️❤️love your adventures!
  • gypsysarRecovering from surgery and binge watching your show!
  • paradox3711You better be out of @briancweed 'a shot! ;-)
  • sarahwolfe389Guess he finally got his shot without you interrupting it haha! So purdy!
  • wolvie28I would so rather be there, than stuck here in the ICU with ecoli, double pneumonia, a new trach, and other stuff. I do love your show!!
  • kelcclayJust did a sunrise tour of Stonehenge last summer - there is something truly magical about standing in the middle of Stonehenge and watching the sun rise. Loved it!
  • nat_breenI was stuck in a hotel room in Ohio last night and watched 10 episodes of Expedition Unknown, new hobby.
  • bodieisland@gatesygram my daughter is obsessed with the show. She wants to know where you got your necklace? She was bummed the Easter Bunny did not give her a "josh necklace"
  • ldobranskiTimeless...
  • moeskimoeWonderful picture!
  • thekatevonCOOL!!
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