• followmeto🇹🇷 A special kind of silence and serenity reigns over the Blue Mosque... 🕌💙 Despite its incredible popularity and capacity to hold 10000 people, it's never crowded and it seems like the time is frozen and you freeze with it... Slowing down your eternal run is very pleasant!☺️
    Just keep in mind that tourists aren't allowed into the mosque during namaz (for 25 minutes a few times a day)! 📸 @sinademiral
    🇹🇷 В Голубой мечети всегда царит какая-то особая тишина и умиротворение… 🕌💙 Несмотря на то, что она очень популярная и вмещает (только вдумайтесь!) почти 10 тысяч человек, здесь не бывает суеты, и кажется, что время останавливается, а вместе с ним останавливаешься и ты… И замедлить свой бесконечный бег - это очень приятно!😊
    Правда, имейте ввиду, что во время намаза (несколько раз в день по 25 минут) в мечеть туристов не пускают!

  • missalexa90Очень хорошие слова 😉🤗
  • sihemfilouI adored this spectacular place 😍
  • 1sultanistanI am dreaming you come to Turkey. I am very happy you came. Welcome. I love you very much. I follow with acclaim. Since your first photos in Barcelona. I hope that you will go to ANITKABİR.(MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATÜRK)
  • truthandbeauty1Powerful...
  • moisescastroh👌🏻👌🏻
  • eve_di😍😍😍
  • 1bragimÇok güzelmiş
  • aussiegirlforawhileDuring my visit it was crowded
  • hewadpal👊🏻👌
  • sublimeartprojectGuys, I think you would love to join our art trips 🌺♥️ please check it out ♥️🌟 and you both look gorgeous
  • sommertime87@melike_i and go here
  • chaatpakoriLove seeing photos of the both of you. Reminds me of the quote from Le Petit Prince about love not always looking at one another, but looking out in the same direction, together. Be blessed.
  • iphonebynayi like👍
  • melike_i@sommertime87 of course! This is a must- it's beautiful. And unreal
  • tingloverock@2909「恩安欸
  • tingloverock
  • tingloverock
  • shabnam.syedStunning
  • riddhi417nyc
  • sikookaiBlue mosque💙💙💙💙
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