• christinehaynesPart 1 of yesterday's fabric haul from the LA @wearethefabricstore shop: I picked up this dreamy green linen, which is part of their premium linen collection which comes in the most amazing colors! Project TBD. Bottom right is the most incredibly fluid black rayon and lycra blend that you really really need in your stash! Project is an upcoming pattern release for me to wear. ☺️ And on the left is a classic rayon twill that I will be turning into a @grainlinestudio Archer, that I think will look chic but also feel like jammies! 🙌🏻 #thefabricstore #fabricfriday

  • gingertakesphotosThat green linen!!!!!
  • truebiasI'm pretty sure I have that green linen from them. It's turning into a kalle shirt dress soon.
  • christinehaynes@gingertakesphotos @truebias yeah all their house linens are so incredible! This green is perfect for our coloring Kelli! 💚
  • agatheringofstitchesDrool worthy fabrics....
  • makersimpulseThat green linen looks incredible!
  • clementineshoesMmmmmmm green 💚💚💚
  • ebonyh#winning
  • alyant79So funny! I just bought exactly that black and NEARLY bought the grey from their Sydney shop
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