• jseverydayfashionBonjour from Paris! 🗼 We posted this picture yesterday and a couple hours later received a barrage of concerned texts from friends about the Champs-Élysée attack. We had just left area! 🙈Heartbroken for the officers and their families. 💔 No blog post today but more outfits soon. 😘😘

  • sarahtondelloGlad you're okay! Praying for Paris! 💗
  • melodious75Je t'aime Paris! 💔🙏
  • whatyayawearsGlad you are okay 🙏🙏
  • valveranaLa vieja Europa tiene mucha historia y mucho arte
  • lindy__312Deets on those shades please ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️
  • styledelightsGlad that you are ok. We were there just two days ago! Breaks my heart to see the once safe "West" fall prey to terrorism. Pray for the humanity😭😭🙏🏼
  • ms2valenteCome to Lisbon - Portugal 👌
  • christinemcgregorsdSo glad you guys are ok! It's just crazy
  • ameyer445Will be there for a girls trip in a few weeks, can't wait to hear where you've been etc!
  • lisabarnes1958Unfortunately there is no place safe anywhere sad but so true. Safe travels to you and your hubby. 😱🙏
  • themeganwells😀
  • jseverydayfashion@lindy__312 Sending you a DM with the link!
  • jseverydayfashion@ms2valente It's on my list!! Would love to someday!
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