• digthischickA special Earth Day sale this weekend! Our biggest of the year. 🌏 4/21: 25% off 🌍 4/22: 20% off 🌎 4/23: 10% off 🌏
    Coupon code: LOVEYOURMOTHER
    How it works: each day is a limited release. So there are only a handful of each handcrafted object available today at 25% off. Tomorrow, we will release the same number of items at 20% off. Sunday all remaining inventory will be 10% off. In short: the early πŸ¦… catches the πŸ›. Our business functions with high environmental standards; we truly believe #earthdayiseveryday. In the name of the Mother, do a little shopping for your Mother. (🌸Mother's Day is May 14 🌸) #digandco

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  • shannanwritesI love everything.
  • theflowerchefπŸ’š
  • mister_haywoodI love that Earth Day is your biggest sale holidayπŸ’˜
  • ahain0013I'm saving up for that blanket!!! Should be able to order it in June!😍
  • lisatcreationsYou mean I could have ordered my blanket and my husband may not have been mad at me? Now they are sold out 😏
  • soulecatOmg Nici when when when will the camp blanket be available during sale??
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