• missnutritionistLiving with adrenal fatigue is no walk in the park. Many times I’ve come close to quitting everything: my career, relationships and recovery.
    I know what it’s like to be so tired you can’t do anything.
    Every day is a race against time to get things done with the little energy that you have before the afternoon crash comes!
    Worst part, it happens all the time and you don’t know why!

    But I know why - you are burnt out and your adrenal glands can’t take anymore!
    Luckily you would be surprised at how easy this is to change it.
    If you are constantly dealing with low energy and experiencing slumps throughout the day then all you have to do is balance your blood sugar levels.
    How you ask?

    You do this by eating within 30 mins of waking and then every three-four hours after that.
    This will help to keep blood sugar levels balanced and keep your energy on a much more even keel. You also make sure you are eating protein at every meal and snack to keep blood glucose more stable.

    This is something I do consistently on a daily basis without fail and it really works. It stops the crashes that always come mid afternoon.
    Today I’m feeling so much better. Much better than in the beginning when I first collapsed. I feel much calmer as a person, more centred and in control.
    I know how to manage my energy and prioritise myself.
    Which is why I am challenging you to try this for 1 week. I know you will experience a difference and I dare you to try. What have you got to lose? 💗

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  • sophieshealthykitchenI think you're amazing 💕
  • charlottebrooksbank_It is so refreshing for someone to understand and help people with adrenal fatigue. It took me two years to recover from it and I have to be careful every single day to keep feeling myself 🙌🏽
  • mindful.inspirationGorgeous! 😍 🙌 Please have a 👀 at our account if you want to learn how mindfulness can help change your life! 💆
  • laurenlouisekitchenReally happy for you that you could manage and change your life around to a healthier, happier you. Amazing that what we eat can literally change our life! 😘💐💫
  • missnutritionist@laurenlouisekitchen yes and how we think and behave too ! It's like magic 😊
  • olliecampmanfitnessLooks great
  • debaleb67I have been doing this for about 3 years now and it has helped a lot. I see a dietitian regularly. She builds new menus for me based on me dealing with hashimoto's disease and adrenaline fatigue. I still struggle with regular exercise. I still have many days where, I'm just so tired. I have little stamina & I feel a bit fragile in that way. Is it possible to not fully heal from adrenal fatigue? I know my autoimmune situation doesn't help. It's so invisible to others than sometimes I feel like people look at me like 🙄when I have to decline participating in things because I'm so wiped out for the week. I love your IG , helps me know I'm not alone. Thank you💕🌸
  • thelbbodyco🌟🌟
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