• kellyboneHeading into Coachella weekend two, I'd like reissue the words that @ezrafurmanandthebfs boldly threw from the festival's stage last week:
    - -
    "This song is dedicated to Philip Anschutz. Who owns AEG. Which owns Goldenvoice which puts on this whole, little event. Philip Anschutz, son of an oil tycoon--and an oil tycoon himself. Lots of invasive exploration. Complicated man. Big proponent of wind energy, also donated to anti-LGBT groups, to far right christian groups. Highly invasive explorer of oil locations... sues towns that don't let him frack there. Philip Anschutz, my main man. -

    While I've got you going on a B flat on a good rhythm right now, folks, I'd like to remind us all that we, we got money enough to be here. We got money enough to be here. How you use that money lines billionaire's pockets. You understand, you actually do have a say in that shit. And when they try to market you stuff while ignoring the values you profess you try to live by...oh man there are seven words you can remember from this very own song. If you didn't get the title yet, you're about to get it. Yeah it's protest music. Hows it go. Seven little words to replete to yourself in a moment like this while you pay triple digit numbers to Coachella... [stats into Tell 'Em All To Go To Hell] "

    #EzraFurman #EzraFurmanandthebfs #Coachella2017 #Coachella #PhilipAnschutz#TellEmAllToGoToHell #GoldenVoice

  • tinylilobserver👍👍👍👍
  • stacymichelsonDaaaaaamn!
  • johnnydoubleuNord Electro; great synth. I've never met a fantastically wealthy person, other than someone who inherited it, that wasn't a scumbag. Earning all that money always requires doing a lot of damage.
  • ezrafurmanandthebfsI would like to note that I said "big PROPONENT of wind energy" - that aside thanks for the reissue 💙
  • kellybone@ezrafurmanandthebfs Corrected! Thanks for the speaking your mind in all courses of public life.
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