• stoneangelartsI've been feeling a bit like I lost my mojo when I was traveling last week. Today was the third day I worked on this painting. I know I have been busy with a lot of other things but I couldn't help getting frustrated that it took so long to finish ... but I am happy with the result. This painting of Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana is based on a photo by @cbezerraphotos. If you love to travel vicariously through photos, be sure to check out Claudio's feed. His photos inspire dreams of travel where I know I wouldn't lose my creative mojo. 😊#moleskine #sketchbook #watercolor #koiwatercolors #prismacolor #instagrampaintings #wisconsinartist #10000hours #oakalleyplantation

  • cbezerraphotosThat's an amazing piece of art!! Thanks a lot my dear!!
  • carmenduran_artIt's so amazing that you can get them done in one day!
  • heartmindartIts beautiful Diane. Please don't beat yourself up.. although I know we all do it. Your work is lovely and inspiring me to try the same. I've always wanted to paint barns, and saw many on our many hours of car travel last week. So I may get out my sketch book and do the same, seeing where it leads me. Thank you my dear friend for sharing your gift!
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