• soulscriptsLook, it's good to be real. I'm a believer in honesty and we need more of it in this world. But I hate the fact that it's like we need to see other's pain and struggle to make us feel better about ourselves. We almost want to see them fall and struggle and look ugly. But thats not real. That's not confidence or strength rooted in Christ. That's selfishness. Because being real isn't about being trendy or proving to everyone you're normal and struggle, too. Being real isn't about what photos you share or don't share online or what stories you tell or don't tell. Being real is knowing your mess and being unafraid to live free of its shackles. Being real is cheering on the girl who's life you're secretly jealous of. Being real is using your broken life to stepping into the broken lives of others in your tiny corner of the universe. Being real is being rooted in more than proving you're real on the internet. I mean, sweatpants and talking about hot messes and all your struggles can only get you so far...that can quickly turn into whining and you can only be so real through a screen.
    So let's not exalt our messes so much on the Internet that we forget to exalt the beauty of Jesus. Let's not neglect the fact that true, real, life change is done in the hard late night conversations, in the quiet unglamorous mornings we spend praying worry away, in the unseen exchange at the grocery store, and the brave steps of faith we take but don't understand. Maybe we need to celebrate the beauty in spite of broken and maybe we need to spend less time exalting our flaws and more time exalting the Father.
    This space is a vessel, not a place to live. So don't try so hard to prove that you're real. You don't have to prove that. Just claim holy ground. Wear the armor. Stand on Truth. And when they try to cut you down or don't understand the confidence you have, stand tall and tell em the reason for your real: BECAUSE, JESUS. #soulscripts

  • larin61LOOOOOVE this.
  • s_gebhardt7Thank you!! 💗 im reading Love Does by @bobgoff right now and I feel like this matches some of what he's saying and I love it!!
  • ohmyduffus@sarah_hartsfield we've talked about this!!!! So well said
  • sarah_hartsfield@ohmyduffus yes!! Exactly!! So so so good.
  • amandalulayBest post I've ever read! Preach on ❤
  • ri2112@lishbrill3 loveeeee ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • hannahrae09On a side note, does anyone know her outfit details? I need that sweater in my life
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  • rachealniccole👐👐👐👐
  • uhmillyah@haleycfloyd this is so good and life giving
  • soulscripts@hannahrae09 it's from Urban Outfitters! Sooo comfy 🙌🏼
  • madiglatz@macyglatz wow that's amazing
  • krissi57Amen !!! Truth spoken here !!!
  • taylormonaco"Claim holy ground." I'm hanging onto that one!
  • walkwithmedailyThis is so beautiful😭 preachhh💜
  • jezuray@imkrs.12 💕
  • wildfire_heart🔥💯💕🙌🏼
  • sclayton_@amanda_bowins
  • rl_mommahubbard@mama.at.the8s Thank you sweet friend!! It's easy to be courageous with Jesus and friends like you!! 💞 For the rest, it probably just seems like blatant honesty. Haha But...then God... 😊
  • drehershulerOh wow haha the Lord used you to put my thoughts and heart into words bc I definitely couldn't. Bless it. This truth needs to be heard!!!!
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