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  • razteriaHappy 420 😜 Day 20 reminder to vote for ONCE AGAIN in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest here http://jlsc.com/vote in World music!
    Today I wanted to highlight the works of an awesome Afro-Peruvian band based here in California - Sang Matiz, who I colloraborated with on my 2016 album's title track AVENTURERA This track features the voice and charango of bandleader Yuriza Jared.

    Check out the track on http://soundcloud.com/razteria/01-aventurera.

    Find out more about Sang Matiz on http://www.sangmatiz.org.

    They play tomorrow 4.21.17 here at the Redwood Cafe in Cotati!

    Crazy sincronicity that I happen to be going to a show at this same spot tonight! Celebration
    with Pablo Moses

    #day20 #420 #celebration #johnlennonsongwritingcontest #sangmatiz @rahmanjamaal #razteria #lennonawards #OnceAgain #aventurera #redwoodcafe #cotati #california @sangmatiz

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