• ashley_parkBlessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her. - Luke 1:45💕

    It's been a crazy, exciting week and I can't help but feel so so happy and blessed for the opportunities God has laid before me. But I had my fair share of struggle & hardships. It sucks. It hurts. I cried...a lot. I thought I was alone. It wasn't until I truly reconnected with my faith and started praying so so hard that it all started to turn around. I know I will never be alone if I have Him. Whatever you're going through...just know it's not being ignored. God's got you and He's never gonna let you fall, as long as you keep staying faithful. And don't think because good things are happening to those around you, it won't happen for you. Don't compare yourself to someone else and what they have or what they do, it's not your business. God's got you covered and He'll show you when it's your time. I speak from experience when I say, it's the truth!! and I thank @realjohngray 's sermons for that reminder. ✨🙌🏽

  • harpreetswanderlustBeautiful words! And yes God's got your back 🙏🏽 always!
  • quizziehouston: we have a problem. Because this pic is too great!
  • luismamadridAmazing street art!
  • hipsieHouston seem to be where it's at 😍💦
  • fedazureBeautiful colors dear!
  • thejetsettingmamaThat is amazing street art!
  • modestvagabondI really like street art
  • nola2everywhereCover photo worthy
  • charitygirlproblemsJohn Gray is the best! Inspired by your strength and vulnerability 💗
  • liiravenWhen you leave it to him , he will guide you🙏
  • urawizardhaylieLove this city
  • marchingaroundtheworldThat's such a colorful mural! Love it
  • _tiffinitive_Love the mural and picture. And your caption is so inspiring. Glad you found your strength in faith and God. ❤️
  • joysofyzLoving the graffiti. So colourful
  • samski_xWow cool wall art
  • myritzyaffairThis looks amazing!!!! 👌👌
  • lucreziiawI adore graffiti
  • up_anne_awayWoww!! You have a lot of cool street art at where you live
  • kayleemooreeThis is so encouraging💕
  • milesandfoodyour caption is so inspiring and encouraging💕 jesus got your back always and forever😊
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