• thewhitefarmhouseblogThe ever so sweet @amycarrollphotography captured the most beautiful moments and this is one of them. Annnddd I finally got to that blog post about the stove! Many of you have asked me questions about it, and I hope I answered them all! And I still can't believe we got a white stove. Everyone told me to go stainless, but I didn't listen 🙈. #bedifferent 🙌🏻 Check the link for details! 👆🏻
  • meadowfarmhouseI also look super classy in linen dresses while cooking 😆😉 You're the champ Morgan! 🙆
  • indigoandhoney#futuregoals such a beautiful momma!
  • southerntopstitchYour kitchen is gorgeous! 😍
  • amandapahlsOh! I love this SO much!!!
  • countryantiquesgardensLove that stove! I've showed it to many people. 😍
  • brittneyarendtMy dream cabinet and drawer hardware...and cabinets...and everything!!!
  • tracihoffmannnpLOVE THE WHITE STOVE❤❤❤❤
  • beachlovinmimiThe high chair!!! Where did it come from?
  • ashley_glassBeautiful :)
  • lauramtreeOmg I never loved a stove so much! You're killing me! A girl can dream 😍
  • christinajwarrenPerfect moment and kitchen! I read someone say, "The heart wants what the heart wants," and I loved it. 😊 everyone told me not to get marble. I love it. 😊😘
  • nadya.mullenMy kitchen is all white and I wanted white appliances and was told a few times to go stainless steel and I'm so happy I didn't listen.
  • newdarlingsLove your kitchen 😍
  • tani_l_carrGreat kitchen! ❤
  • deb_tiques_zimGreat capture Morgan ❤️
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