Ok ok.....we've gotta ask. Who's tried it and what does it taste like? #TwiniversityAsks
  • twiniversityOk ok.....we've gotta ask. Who's tried it and what does it taste like? #TwiniversityAsks
  • islandgirlkFirst sips are like drinking fake mango and then the blue syrup starts to blend in it and it's like drinking a warhead candy, super sour. All I could think about was sour and creamy DO NOT go together.
  • sarahmarieflynnYucky! Way too sweet! And really tart. Couldn't get past how horrible it was nutritionally, so only had about two sips.
  • shelbysellers.ssVery mangoy and blue part is sour. Liked it minus sour
  • shelbysellers.ss@itzmab true. Not like many will even finish it. Just do it for the novelty. One treat will not hurt
  • kearstinhk95It's gross and a waste of money.
  • halfeatenalienNow I don't feel bad about not trying it; it's pretty though 🦄
  • limegreen8omg loved it!
  • natsrealworld@lishals I'm with ya!!!!
  • fancynancylafranceyMy kids loved it but it's sugary so no surprise there!
  • meljay_uI wanted too but it has mango. I'm allergic.
  • thisbeautiful_disasterIt's great! I don't find it to be terribly sweet but I've only gotten small ones. Sweet and sour and oh so pretty!!!
  • babyroo0305@meljay_u some stores ran out of mango.. they substituted w/ raspberries &/or other flavors ... maybe you can let them know & ask for a sub?? ... just a thought. 😊👍🏼
  • meljay_u@babyroo0305 wouldn't want to take the chance. My lips swell and my tongue itches if they make a mistake or reuse a mixer or spoon in my drink it won't be worth it! Lol
  • babyroo0305@meljay_u oh bummer. .. true. I didn't think of that. 🤔 sorry. 🙁
  • velasquezalishaIt's like a sweet cream base then they have sour parts mixed in... I actually dont like it
  • meljay_u@babyroo0305 it's okay! I'll stick to coffee that's the best part anyways.
  • missy_love4It's actually really good! It's like a vanilla frap but sometimes with a fruity sour kick!
  • m0ther_runnerI liked it! Mangoes and the blue sour part reminded me of pickled plum 😋🦄🌈 It's different from the usual lineup, so why not give it a try 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • franceshall1416I was so excited to try it but threw it away after the first sip. It has a nasty after taste, very sour for me.
  • jlwrenchPart-time barista. Nope, not digging it here. Sour mango vanilla skittles.
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