• coffeeandcrumbsMeet the #CoffeeandCrumbsWriter, @annaleighjordan!
    1️⃣Kids: Mason (5), Vivienne (3), Eloise (2)
    2️⃣What is the best advice you’ve been given as a mom? Parent within your personality.
    3️⃣What’s the hardest part of motherhood? Sensory and emotion overload - you can never turn any part of motherhood off completely.
    4️⃣What’s the greatest delight of motherhood? I think the best parts and the hardest parts are so one-in-the-same. It's hard because we can never turn it off, but it's amazing for that same reason. No matter where I go or what I do, I get to have these kids. What a gift.
    5️⃣Favorite writer: Alice Munro
    6️⃣Best book ever: Stop it. No one can answer this question.
    7️⃣Shower before carpool lane or yoga pants and top knot? Yoga pants and top knot for life for as many occasions as possible.
    8️⃣Naptime guilty pleasure? Nap time coffee.

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  • beccaeliasenParent within your personality. Best advice ever.
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  • ashleegadd@annaleighjordan, our resident Elizabeth Gilbert. Forever grateful for your big ideas, passion for creativity, "party gifts" 😂, and sense of humor. Love you, gf! What a joy it is to write with you!
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