• thestylishgeekCelebration is over, but I almost feel like I was there! Latest blog post with all the Star Wars feels and throwing it back with this vintage inspired tee from @jfclothingco. Link in profile.

  • thewordmakerI ❤ this shirt!!!
  • sinnstagraamlove those sunglasses!! 😻
  • aragornisstriderThat shirt image was my first Star Wars poster when I was about 4 years old.
  • thestylishgeek@aragornisstrider that's so funny bc I bought this top specifically for that reason! I talk about it on my blog, but that's my favorite SW poster and I have a huge theater size one in my house that I bought way back in the day! #greatmindsthinkalike
  • aragornisstrider@thestylishgeek Crazy! Not many people go nuts over that image, but I remember being so little in my bedroom and looking up at that huge poster and it looked so epic. I have re-purchased many childhood Star Wars items that got lost or sold in the early 90s, but I still need that poster. :)
  • hellyhellyThose sunglasses, omg!! 😍👌 You have such a cool style.
  • moonspeakminiaaah I love that shirt. that poster is my fave besides the esb one wih han and leia.
  • thestylishgeek@hellyhelly thank you! That's so nice of you to say!
  • thestylishgeek@moonspeakmini I might have that one too! Is it the one with them almost kissing?
  • moonspeakmini@thestylishgeek I think so! it has the blue and purple and grey tones? vader in the background and luke on the tauntaun. :) I remember celebration 2015 they had the original piece there, and were going to auction it.
  • thestylishgeek@moonspeakmini that's the one! Funny cuz that and the one @aragornisstrider mentioned are the only original trilogy posters that I own! Love those two!
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