With the new #FitbitAltaHR you see calls, texts & calendar alerts on display—so you never miss the messages that matter.
  • fitbitWith the new #FitbitAltaHR you see calls, texts & calendar alerts on display—so you never miss the messages that matter.

  • kearstynl@fitbit is your new sales strategy to send the Fitbit box ripped to shreds and no actual Fitbit device or charger inside it?! Just the instruction booklet and the box?? Saves on shipping costs to not have those extra ounces huh? 😡😡😡😡
  • fitbit@freedom5girl Thanks for asking! You can also get text, call and calendar notifications on the Fitbit Alta. See their comparison here: fitbit.com/compare. Keep us posted for any questions!
  • fitbit@sheryldhpics Let's work on this. Please visit help.fitbit.com and type "1866" in the search field for troubleshooting steps to resolve the syncing issue. Hope it helps.
  • fitbit@kearstynl Sorry to hear this. Please reach out to us at contact.fitbit.com and we'll see what we can do to help.
  • tonylathim@fitbit will you come out with any new clock faces for the Fitbit Alta
  • u.s._made^ he has a point
  • jazocorn@fitbit after the latest tracker update for my Fitbit charge 2, notifications and reminders to move have not been popping up on my tracker. I have checked my settings and they are on for notifications and reminders to move, is there something I'm missing?
  • fitbit@tonylathim Hi! We don't have insight into that design decision, but the feature request board is a great place for that feedback. Please visit community.fitbit.com and pop into the “Feature Suggestions" section to share your idea with our Development Team. See you there!
  • fitbit@jazocorn Sorry to hear this. We recommend visiting fitbit.com/help and type in the search field "1611" ( if you're an Android user ) or "1610" (if you're an iOS user) for the troubleshooting tips. Let us know how it goes!
  • znaughalty@fitbit will the new sleep stages be coming to the charge HR 2 or is this for the new alta only?
  • fitbit@znaughalty Hi. If you use Charge 2 to track your sleep, you can see a record of the sleep stages you cycle through at night. We're already started progressively rolling it out to all Charge 2 users. If you have additional query, let us know.
  • ericalynnev@lav0710
  • lizzy_1705@jazocorn mine. Too i wonder why i reset my phone and nothing 😟
  • fitbit@lizzy_1705 Hi there! What happened? Do you have any issues with your Fitbit tracker? Hear from you soon!
  • lizzy_1705Hi there i cant read the messages...
  • fitbit@lizzy_1705 Please give us with more details of the issue you're experiencing, and we'll be glad to assist you. Keep us posted!
  • lizzy_1705When i receive a tex message it only says the name but not the actual tex, i checked it several times and its where its suppose to be but i am not sure if it is because my phone is not i. The capatible device list.. Does that matter?
  • fitbit@lizzy_1705 Thanks! Before we proceed, may we verify the mobile device you're using? Hear from you soon!
  • lizzy_1705The mobile device is the k10
  • fitbit@lizzy_1705 We appreciate the info! Though your phone meets our requirements, we can't guarantee that you'll never experience an issue for we haven't tested this model. We suggest that you use a compatible mobile device. You can check our list here: http://fitbit.com/devices. Hope this helps!
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