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  • tiferettarotMorning Everyone. Here are today's Tarot Thoughts - "The Guardian of the Books turns up again. She is associated with our life's work and career, alerting us to the workplace and those we might share it with.
    Within the shadows, we find The Warlock. Dressed in darkness and accompanied by his silhouetted familiar. He is a thief in the Knight, ready to rob and cause mischief.

    You may have problems within work today. Delays might interrupt progress - whether it's public transport, the sealing of a deal, or a decision made by someone else - so a little foresight might ease your frustration. Alternatively, keep an eye on those who might try to hinder proceedings for their own gain or, worse still, steel your ideas and the glory from under you"

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  • 189angelsRight on the money both today at work and yesterday at home lol love it... forever grateful for your daily inspiration. 👌🏼💫💚🦉
  • veronicaanabGreat reading! 💙💚💙 I got a few tough cards today myself. I love how well you express yourself on the readings and how practical they are. I would love to go for your mentoring sessions when I have some extra funds. 😀
  • mortemoraculum🌒🌕🌘
  • tiferettarot@189angels Thanks you so much Racheal! I hope it helped!
  • tiferettarot@veronicaanab Thank you so much for your kind words! They mean a lot!
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