Aaaaa...waiting for summer!!! ☀️☀️☀️ so, let's go on with this SILENCE thing... Why silence? Why silence when eating? Why walking alone? Why practising in silence? Why meditation? I believe that silence, and sometimes eyes closed, help to address our attention inwards. We are continuosly invited, from our eyes and from all "infos" that the world gives us, to look OUTSIDE, helping us to loose the connection within. Silence, stillness, absence of noise, absence of talking help us to stay inside, avoiding DISPERSION. And I would say that loneliness, boredom, stillness will be never to much in this world where we get so many continuos stressful external inputs. Get in, try it!!! 1 day, 1 weekend, on holiday! Turn your electronical devices OFF, tv included, stay. Get in touch with the deeper part within and then, start to get ready to go back, SLOWLY, without loosing that connection, even in most stressed, adrenalinic, super exciting moments. The VOYAGE is WITHIN! Stay, enjoy, discover... with LOVE! ❤️#innerself #lookinward #voyagewithin #adhomukhasvanasana #downwardfacingdog #silence #stillness #boredom #boredom #stay #enjoy #discover
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