• maggiehdesignEducational screen time for the kids is something I'm a big fan of so I was super excited to try out @bitsboxkids and they are loving it! They are actually learning coding and building apps which is so amazing and cool! I can't wait to see what these kiddos will be capable of in 10 years! And to think my "technology" class in school was learning how to type on a real typewriter ha! Makes me feel a bit old! 🙈😘
    If you want to try it too, use the code MAGGIE20 to get 20% off subscription products in the Bitsbox store! Enjoy! ☺️
    #bitsbox #bitsboxkids #sponsor #kidscoding

  • when_they_nap_i_craftWhat an amazing concept def. Will try it once my girls get older.
  • sarahbargoCutie pies!
  • erikaschwitzerHow cool!
  • jolynn_pageMatthew and Nathan sure are looking grown up!
  • audycampThey are so darn cute! And I need to try this out for sure!
  • aliedwardsThat sounds cool!
  • lalani_hunsakerThis is awesome!!
  • sheglittersgoldPretty Cool!! 👍
  • vmilan5I joined a while back when I saw them on shark tank! 👍🏼
  • groundedkidswearthe cutest. 🎈 ❤
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