• koozarchHybridScape_Where Architecture Meets Infrastructure by Beatrice Piola & Floria Bruzzone #art #artitecture #architecture #koozarch What is the power of the simple illustration/diagram as a tool for communication?

    Drawings are essential, they carry all the thinking that produced that particular project and transmit it to those who are watching the drawings. Despite this, however, we think that a beautiful drawing cannot replace a good design, it is important that at the base of the project there is always a strong concept that generates the illustration.

  • wedesignforthem@koozarch couldn't agree more. Visuals can be misleading and it is up to all of us to project futures of the core concept #wedesignforthem
  • boostarchitecture@koozarch Thanks again for showing our work, @wedesignforthem thanks for your comment, is important for us to have this kind of feedback
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