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  • akadmiks#troyave former artist #yunglito responds to Troy saying when the opps were shooting at him .. his artist hit the Usain bolt ⚡️

  • exitviewsAnd everybody on his back like his the first rapper to want to be like PAC like that's a bad thing grow up. Every ball player wants to be like Mike Kobe Iverson etc. it's ok. It's ok. He's not the first and he won't be the last.
  • exitviewsWhy wasn't he in the "room"
  • jagunlabiWhen did it become gangster to stand in front of a moving bullet.? And I got one question, when you become homie with a nigga do you sign an contract to die for the nigga ? And what are the benefits of such contract i.e. Life/health insurance . Are his so called homies up to date on the beef he has? Also how come his homie weren't with him when he got shot, if the were really tight like that. Cos it seem like his homies were in the crowd oblivious to the the whole event.
  • aboriginal_718Bruh if you ran you ran fuck it smh
  • onyebuchiorji@broadsgully I bet you won't last 30seconds in Nigeria, bcs we will strip even your tattoos off that your stupid body off.Focus on the individual and leave a country alone. We have a lot to deal with.
  • broadsgully@onyebuchiorji Fuck you and Nigeria, nigga. Corny ass Africans
  • ygmaddmaxxShid we all die in the end. Pac went out a legend
  • 1d33p___Nahhhhhhhhh. HE CLAIMS TO BE GANGSTER DRUG DEALING KILLER REAL NIGGA. I D G A F. YOU RUN AROUND CLAIMIG THAT SHIT THEN WALK RIGHT IVER YA MANS BODY???? Don't even check on ya boy TROY??????? CORNY. NO EXCUSES. Start rapping Sesame Street. You not a gangsta , Troy got HIT still left that bitch aiming for Niggas head cause they hit his HOMIE. foh with the excuses. You claim to be a REAL ONE GOTTA REACT REAL IN REAL SITUATIONS. cameras can't lie
  • papi_corey@jmike____
  • goodoldbenfrank🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃
  • cleodavis7791Nupac
  • internationalray@the_ko_campaign_2.0
  • onyebuchiorji@broadsgully you are living in denial. You only sound tough on keyboards dude. We don't shoot in Nigeria, we use machete. Fake human. You are not even recognized in America, calling us corny Africans. How I wish I can lay my hands on you. Gay ass dude.
  • broadsgully@onyebuchiorji Shut your filthy ass up. We don't give a fuck about you cannibalistic savages in Africa bragging about using machetes lmao..
  • onyebuchiorji@broadsgully You are so sad, may be a Nigerian piped your mum so good that your hating ass can't get over it.
  • leanteam_publishing@jimbo_the_don real shit
  • leanteam_publishing@exitviews lol
  • leanteam_publishing@jagunlabi I am going to ride or die with my homies and yes you sign up for these things,but that's only if you a real gangster though and it is obvious that you do not know anything about that lifestyle... y'all learned the word gangster's through books and fake ass people telling you "they own definition to it" but not from real gangsters though lol smh
  • jagunlabi@leanteam_publishing , if am tonne be clear this is a music business. Now if #troy s homies were his buddies from the street and they had a ride or die code of practice which each individual parties are aware of then there might be a breach of conduct. But his buddies seem like music business associates who are with him to further there own or thier collective careers. Am no gangster Bro! the gangster is played out . Niggas is wearing mini skirt in rap videos now. And good luck to you taking a bullet for your homie.
  • leanteam_publishing@jagunlabi my point exactly people like you,not a gangster cannot turn around and say it is played out.. reason being because you are not a gangster people like you don't count.
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