• narsissistLine and define, courtesy of the Charlotte Gainsbourg Kohliners. (Shown: Zinc Kohliner)
  • garamakeup😱😱😱😱
  • nadiavegaigBeautiful 😍😍
  • juwadaishaNyc
  • resultsbyangel🎉🎉
  • toniballewAt first I didn't like the brow but the longer I looked at it and thought about how beautiful Gods design of a woman is ...then the trendy ideas melt away and the Raw Beauty of His Creation Appears. They have started the lining at the beginning of each brow that gives just the slightest hint of definition and then just let's the natural shape fade out halfway through her brow ... it really became beautiful to me. It's soft and natural. I mean think of what women did before all of the tools of "fashion" were available! God made woman a very Beautiful and attractive being. Perfect in His sight. People's Opinions will Always be well ... exactly that OPINION.
  • mooniez.shopNice pic!
  • dani.k21Gorgeous
  • my.pretty.vibesPlz checkout my account for Spring vibes, hope u have a great day!!! 😃😃😃 (sorry for the promo)
  • duda_verona@biaverona , oi moça, posso te apresentar a rosi??
  • mahafatimamua😍❤️
  • nur_farrisyaank tahu tips x?
  • yolitheartist@toniballew thank you💓💓
  • toniballewNo problem 😜☝️😇😍just Stating the facts😊@yolitheartist
  • jessillustratorI want to paint this!! ❤️
  • preciousmuir🌝🌚🌝
  • lovevertigo👌
  • helenasiring😍😍
  • printhousesgpWow like it!
  • rawaaoraha🌹🌹🌹🌹
  • madeupbymimiThis pic makes me want to embrace my brows when I go months without a wax !
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