Love Yurself ♥️😍🤡hhahahahhhhahaha 😂Im a twin too!! @theodoro.angelo
  • madonnaLove Yurself ♥️😍🤡hhahahahhhhahaha 😂Im a twin too!! @theodoro.angelo

  • raiforfriends😘cute@raiforft
  • raiforfriendsCute@raifprfriends
  • panelito.goldenHola si te gusta la curiosidad gatuna síguenos y viva con nosotros el mundo gatuno😽🐾
  • tommygchrstianMake room for Madonna in the House!
  • tommygchrstianDouble the beauty I can't take it!!!!
  • btimpaBrilliant
  • ash_ley_ohyay♥️♥️♥️ I am happy to be your relative Madonna.
  • madmanfan2Luv
  • beltbowtiealways do @madonna 💋❤️
  • lez666manuel
  • bmd1968I was a fan of yours since I was a child ...when I turned 21 you were 31 and someone or you M started giving me signs you or your industry were aware of my life...I am now 48 and because of continuance of a different way of signs I will always beleive in you nothing is impossible if only you trust in the Lord...I have to improve my life in all ways and forgive those who have hurt me along this journey of my signs from your ain't abundant as usual and that's okay! I will cherish the everything given to me. So what m I gonna do ! Work work work in my own way you can take it easy on my life I am your rebel heart ❤️ BMD 1968
  • hongbaiguonice
  • tanjadionmonroe4797Beautiful....
  • gabriellafiorelliAhhhhhh beautiful ❤️❤️😘😘
  • deliaazzehroeva*yourself
  • camillamicherifLinda demais
  • madameevieI do love myself and you!
  • theuglycatnymphI had to share this pic @madonna I love you & thanks for reminding since my childhood to just let all things go! YOU ARE THE BOMB
  • theuglycatnymph🔥🔥😭🔥😘😘🖤♥️🎓🎬
  • madonmadinna"In the name of the most compassionate the most merciful",,,,,,,, you most definitely do have a twin,,, Who understands Dorothy,the scarecrow,a lion and the man of tin,,,,, But Unlike Narkissos when he saw his own face,,,,,, You with the man of your dreams can make the embrace
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