• blakeleysblondelifeI did it - I gave in to temptation and tried the #unicornfrappuccino 🦄😱! @starbucks & their genius marketing got me again. Has anyone else tried it yet? It actually tasted better than I thought it would, but who the heck cares?! It's a UNICORN drink!!! 🦄💕 Plus it matched my lipstick, so there's that. .
    #starbucks #unicorn #butitspink

  • fabulousinfayetteI don't like Starbucks, but I'm going to try it tomorrow because it's so pretty!!
  • rosekehrI didn't like it :(
  • lanamamaboutiqueNope! It doesn't speak to me, but it does look pretty :)
  • mmysterytoursHahaha. Pretty! 🦄
  • ttclemons1231Hahaha what's it taste like?
  • katielovesocialYou're adorable ! I've never even hard of this! But unicorns are very in right now!
  • opendoorshopI'm glad you gave it a try, you may have convinced me to try it
  • emiliesobel👌🙌
  • park_and_madisonThere's so much hype about this thing right now. I guess I'll have to give it a try!
  • charlestonweekenderIm going to need to try this!
  • chelseadennisphotographyIt definitely goes perfectly with your lips!
  • yousef.porgholamiEnjoy your meal
  • missmotleyphotoI've been hearing about those drinks! So fun!
  • driftdesigncoAnd it matches your cute top! I keep hearing its gross but it is so pretty so who cares, haha
  • brooklync82Do it bc it's pretty!
  • pameitelIt made the morning news that people don't like it. I was going to try it yesterday because it's so pretty but some people posted it was too sour so I passed on the very pretty drink.
  • blakeleysblondelife@pameitel I saw that! I asked for o sour sprinkles, and I didn't stir it which apparently changes the taste. But I thought it was fun for a one-time only drink!
  • pameitelHurry if you are brave enough to try it. Some stores are already out.
  • thelipfoxAnything that matches your lipstick, that's fun and cute is a win in my book! 👏Hope you didn't go into a sugar coma after lol!
  • jennyscrayonsHaha super cute.
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