• zedrocknowWe'd like to officially welcome Sean Boyles into the fold as our new heavy handed drummer, percussionist and shredder of wooden sticks. He's been one of the busiest drummers on the scene but we've managed to collect enough dirt on him that we blackmailed him into joining! Catch him at our upcoming gigs and tour dates as well as at various comedy clubs as he's also a stand up comedian! #drums #drummer #heavy #ripplemusic

  • timnarducciAwesome!
  • kcsinatra2 bears in the band now...sweet
  • vaguechoirYes! Sean kills.
  • jimmymctI've seen these guys. They're good!
  • altimsilThat's awesome! Can't wait to see all you guys on Saturday!!
  • zedrocknow@kcsinatra hahaha more to choose from!
  • zedrocknow@altimsil hell yeah April 29!
  • altimsilWoops, meant to put NEXT Saturday 😖 See ya then!
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