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  • lexandterry"Dashcam video shows car slamming into police car in #Texas, narrowly missing an officer who pulled over a driver for a routine traffic stop." 😳😩 @ABCNews

  • tyler_jboneIs the cop car on the shoulder or parked in the right lane? Lol
  • thenichmMoron was staring at the lights. Morons are like moths when they see emergency lights on the road.
  • broken_medicYup, she shit herself.....
  • themikekovacsWhoa 😲 man
  • blakeleybroccoliI bet the guy in the truck still got a ticket to..lol
  • weirdshawn42The cop car isn't even on the shoulder, it's in the middle of the road. I mean, of course with the lights flashing you'd see it but still
  • wheeler2402@25wildman @eparkerwv @riffeems
  • rpeppers3She's still in the middle of the road not even pulled over to the shoulder.
  • dvon141The car is parked that way for that very reason......to protect her from getting hit.
  • lessthanthreephotographyOk, lea e the truck, and go issue the DUI.
  • bahamuttremorYea the cope was in the middle.of the road that's bs
  • allansbLights can be blinding at night & depending on speed not much time to determine if cop parking on road until Bam 💥
  • bartmanavengerDayum! Thank goodness she wasn't just getting out of the car!
  • willitimson2 for 1.
  • oxm27Oops
  • subrosa7mm@bahamuttremor the reason they park their cars partly in the road is for exactly this reason! If the car wasn't there she could have been hit. You're supposed to go in the passing lane when police have someone pulled over.
  • mintage4uBut I did notice the very nice parking job after the hit. 😹
  • bradhoskins3Why is the damn cop car in the road in the first place. It's the cops fault
  • piratejimmy3 lanes open and this idiot can't move over for a lit up cop car
  • wrobb82If she wasn't looking to enforce some petty ordnance or trying to milk money for the city state whatever this wouldn't have happend. This is why people only have love for the firefighters and EMT crews and the breakdown between officer's and the community they extort exist
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