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  • taniathemachineDay 4 of my bootcamp...and CIZE is my workout program for this month and I'm all smiles about that. We all are doing different workout programs for 2 reasons:
    1. We CAN because we have a million and one options on BOD.
    2. The goal is to move more and eat better so whatever way you choose to move works for me.
    I'm watching them like a hawk too to make sure they are logging in their workouts and Shakeology every day. I have no problem calling them out to remind them to push play and get it done. They didn't join the Machine's bootcamp for nothing 😉. My job is to help them, encourage them...and push them.
    #taniamademedoit #cizeitup

  • rasoulfitness👌👌✔✔
  • la_yesyLove your vibe, you be killing those dancing workouts. And those kicks, love them, where are they from?
  • mama_bear_gets_fittThose shorts! ♡♡♡♡
  • alicia_hawkesDoesn't it bother you to have your hair down and hitting you in the face when you are working out?? @taniathemachine
  • liliapadsEres buena en eso Tania 🔥💃🏻
  • taniathemachine@pdrfitmom entire workout
  • taniathemachine@priscie_b Beachbody jump mats taped together
  • findinglessjessI'll have to do one of your boot camps one day
  • pdrfitmom@taniathemachine thank you!!
  • mariiza5kl@taniathemachine oh yeaaaaa and I'm ready to kill this challenge!! Insanity Max30 will def kick my butt but I'm ready to kick back
  • sevt85You are so amazing! I'm doing insanity at the mo.. you make it look so easy!! When it's so hard! I'm from the UK btw x
  • brittanydigiYou look amazinggg 😍
  • kisqui246Abs!!!
  • t2_fitnessssYAAAAAAAS QUEEN!!
  • _sylvia_12Why are you so amazing!😊
  • pamhornbeckLove the shoes!
  • jobolofitThis is cool
  • asavvymeNext time you're in NY I'm finding you and we're dancing - in a club, on the street, in a studio- but we are dancing!!! Miss you Mama T💜
  • taniathemachine@asavvyme YASSSSSSSS!!!
  • tddjpmomI LOVE this one!!! Can't wait to try it!! ❤️❤️❤️
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