• girlgazeprojectPhotographer @scarlettcarlosclarke created Body Dysmorphia, a photo series that focuses on our obsession with over manipulated selfies and how it effects our lives.  It’s the excessive retouching, faked perfection, and addictive nature of online validation that she finds fascinating and even a bit creepy. What are your thoughts on the ways selfies effect the way we feel about ourselves? #girlgaze

  • zoermackenzie✨💛 Beautiful!
  • aaaanoifBeing a young woman and growing with the social media culture I know that many girls (including me) try to only post selfies that we look 'good' in, the ideal version of ourselves and one of my goals for 2017 is to take more selfies that I maybe don't consider Instagram worthy but as a reminder that I need to work on loving all versions of my body
  • aaaanoif^*but keep anyway as a reminder
  • ambriellewoodsLove this. Though not selfies and a different concept to alter the self vs. someone else, whenever I receive photos from a photographer that are highly morphed/over-edited, I'm so disappointed.
  • thatlittlewitchI think I've always tried to hide whichever parts of my body I've had issues with, in photos. Skinny wrists, double chin, an untoned belly. Selfies let you alter the angle so your smile looks sexy and not too toothy or awkward or cold. I'm trying to change that perception and I'm starting with a photo of me where my armpit hair is visible and is natural.
  • kaaateykatesLooove this!! @scarlettcarlosclarke
  • girlgazeproject@aaaanoif love this idea, such a positive goal to set for yourself ❤️
  • girlgazeproject@thatlittlewitch I think we often forget that what we consider imperfections are what make us unique and beautiful. The idea of perfection is so problematic because it's just not reality - no one is perfect. Make sure you hashtag is in your photo, would love to see how your quest for honest selfies goes!!
  • monstrousmaneLove it
  • madelinemcq@deathhoe73 your wallpaper!
  • delvaaalleeIt is difficult to grow in an era where social media have such a huge impact. Despite this, I see selfies as a way to nurture my self-love, although this may be perceived as narcissism by some, to me it has helped me to overcome my self-esteem problems. Of course, sometimes I can not help comparing myself to someone else, but the path to self-love is complicated, but wonderful. And selfies sure help a lot! ✨
  • delvaaalleeAnd also since I started taking self-portraits, besides of recovering my self-estee. I began to appreciate my talent and my love for photography even more. Which is really empowering.
  • girlgazeproject@delvaaallee love that you have such a positive outlook and experience to share about this. Thank you 😊
  • friendofthecloudsI think that selfies can be a really powerful way for women and other marginalized folks to take ownership of their image and bodies and choose how they want to be presented. That being said, to do that in a healthy way requires a positive self-image and self-love of the subject. There is definitely room for creating unrealistic images of beauty in selfies, the way that media distributed by ads and the male gaze typically has. I think it's just important to consider visual literally, to always look at images critically and never take them at face value.
  • mariaherreros@girlgazeproject thats the whole idea in my portrait paintings 💕
  • jessicagferrer😍😍😍
  • jessicagferrer@yaripecas ❤️✨
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