• swatchesandstethoscopesSwatches of my favorite eyeshadows are now up on the blog➡️ swatchesandstethoscopes.com
    Do you recognize the palettes?
    The other day, I decided to depot my two Viseart palettes into one big magnetic palette so I could use them more frequently and rearrange them to the way that works best for me. This was my first major depotting project, and overall it was pretty successful! Most of the shadows popped out without difficulty and only 3 cracked. Luckily, they repressed beautifully (at least as far as function, definitely not my most aesthetic "press" job). They are gorgeous shadows with the best wear time and blend-ability of any I've tried. Definitely excited to have them in a format that will help me make the most of them!
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  • blushingwandiHow do you repress your shadows?
  • viseartDrops of coconut oil and the same size pan pushed into it with firmness does help. I dropped samples and this is how I repair them.
  • swatchesandstethoscopes@anditellsitall I put the pieces back in the pan where they belong, pour in 91% alcohol, crush/mix the powder into a paste, and then use a clean piece of paper towel to literally press the shadows flat. If something is totally shattered, you can take the pieces and mix them in a seperately little bowl into a thick liquid and then literally pour them into their original pan before repressing. Luckily mine weren't that bad! Then I leave them to dry for about 2 days and they are good to go 😊
  • swatchesandstethoscopes@viseart thanks for the tip! I will have to try that (when I can take a break from using them 💁🏻)
  • blushingwandi@swatchesandstethoscopes thanks girl! I've never broken ANYTHING, thank goodness! Although now I've probably just jinxed myself 😬
  • swatchesandstethoscopes@anditellsitall 🤞🤞🤞
  • christeen19Nice!!
  • kismet_karma6ftVery nice
  • carnotwatchesNice catch 😍😍😍
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