Yeah... that twit on the right better give his cutest grin! After repeatedly telling him NOT to cut up a pair of Adidas socks just cos he saw some twirp doing it on YouTube, he did it anyway... no biggie, a pair of socks down and a mild waggy fingered telling off! That was until one of those bits of cut up sock blocked up the washing machine whilst I was dying a jumper black! After manually draining 15 litres of black dye/water through a tube no bigger than a ferret's dick (I have no expertise in the field so I'm just imagining!) I was not only somewhat pissed off but now look like I have gangrene/scurvy/frost bite in my hands! So smile away little one, that smile's all that's between you and a bollocking! #whyontheblackwash #myhandsarentdirtyipromise #evenbleachwontgetitoutofmynails #scurvylikeamum #truestory #easterholidays #mumofboys #embracethechaos #raisingboys #mytribe
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