• gotagirlcrush"I have been researching cannabis as an aid to women who lose their sex drive after menopause. It’s something people joke about, but it ruins a lot of marriages when the husband still wants a sexual relationship and the wife would much rather read a book. I searched the world for a cannabis strain that would be an effective aphrodisiac for women (men have entirely different CB receptor​ ​distribution) and I finally found it in our Canna Sutra strain. Women’s reproductive systems are rich in CB 1 and CB 2 receptors, and a little smoke of Canna Sutra can work wonders.”​ –Susie Gress​ ✌️ Read the full interview with @vashonvelvet over at gotagirlcrush.com (link in our bio)! #womenandweed #420 #vashonvelvet 📸: @amberfouts originally shot for @seattlemet

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