• lisadayyogaUgh. . . this photo. I post this not because it's beautiful but because it's honest, perfectly capturing my practice today, which was a STRUGGLE.
    From the minute I sat down, my mind started in on me. First telling me that I didn't have time for this. Then telling me I needed more time if I was really going to make this count so why not just give up.
    I stayed on my mat though and started moving, each pose unlocking and revealing a new layer of struggle and an invitation to quit.
    Eventually I just had to laugh. My practice was a hot mess but it made clear for me that I've been bringing this same struggle energy into my life off the mat lately as well. Trying too hard. Forcing instead of allowing a pose and life to unfold in its own time.
    My practice didn't solve this. I didn't step off the mat healed, light and struggle free. But I did leave my mat with a new awareness and a little more self-compassion. I affirmed that I can show up for myself even when it's hard. I can breathe and do my best, even if today's best is sorta pathetic. It's still progress.

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  • nitadry1andonlyAs always, you share your light and it finds me🌟💫🌟🦋❤️
  • lisadayyoga❤️⭐️😊❤️ was thinking of you today @nitadry1andonly
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