#DL1 02.06.2017
  • dualipa#DL1 02.06.2017

  • byronhdzzWhere's Want To? Wtf
  • lunalifejewelryYeah no kidding, why isn't want to on the album? That's literally the one song I was looking forward to hearing studio version of more than any other! 😢 #wewantWANTTO
  • wendyceeeeeeWANT TO UPDATE; 😢Dua posted yest that "want to" will not be on the album bc it was never finished & she felt live version sounded better than studio. I.am.devastated. Of all the songs that was the one I wanted to hear studio version of the most! Its one of those songs that would sound super ILL on a really good sound system loud AF & one you can dance & headbang to, but when I listen to the live version loud, the sound quality ruins it for me. Dua, idk if you need to work w/ diff sound engineers or what but theres got to be people in the music industry that can produce a solid studio version of that track that's even better than the live version! So pls don't give up, try again, your fans will love & appreciate it so much!! #wewantWANTTO
  • shane.beerswhere tf is want to
  • ultraviolencex_lanaIf you push the release date back again, I will actually die
  • dannyhismajestywhat about last dance???? also do a studio version of the hills please 😍
  • lunalifejewelry@shane.beers - look above your comment ⬆️
  • darinkarytSide a and side b like 13rw hahaha
  • josephvacher@agedemotions im fuckin wit this
  • liefsamaris😍
  • ale030200Where is "If I want to" bitch!???!
  • agedemotions@josephvacher and meeeee
  • stella.kleeOmggg zie dit nu pas @anne.zonneveld
  • dua.lipa.albaniaCan't waitt!!
  • goncalvescdanielWhat about want to???!?!!??!?
  • darraghwoodsCan't waaaaait 😍😍😍🎶👌🏻
  • dualipa_fantr😍😍
  • karen11_alOMG
  • gigi_dominguez_😍
  • mesilviamWhy doesn't your album have a name?
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