• molliedeturnerA #tbt of Natalie from a few weeks ago. This girl makes her own sunshine ☀️ always so happy (except, perhaps, when I don't give in to her chocolate demands). I went for an easy run today, and I didn't post it on Strava 🙀. I've taken a few days off from running to chill and ponder whether or not I want to continue pushing my body to get faster, or maybe just be happy with where I am in life. It's just running anyway. I feel myself getting stressed out about when and where I'll be able to run, or what races are coming up, and I think it's important to recognize when running is a positive force in your life and when it becomes something negative or obsessive. And I do love to run, but I've never been a huge fan of actual training, if you can believe that. So, maybe I won't be running a marathon this fall or chasing a faster time in the half, and that's ok. These little girls will only be little for a short time and I want to enjoy being with them and not be stressed when I'm around them. Life is good 😎 #momlife #motherrunner
  • ashleymdonoso💪❤️
  • megsmortI'm with ya momma! So important to find the healthy balance. I refused to put pressure on myself this last "training" cycle. Less is oftentimes more. Quality over quantity. You'll figure out what works for YOU. ❤️ @molliedeturner
  • kellywils0nTotally get it! This is how I've felt about running after my two kids. I have plenty of time to run hard later. 😊
  • momonthe_runI have been feeling the same way since Boston 2016! After forcing myself to train for that race, I just haven't had the motivation to really train. I run here or there, some months I don't run at all! I went from 200 mile months to 0 and that's okay because it's just for fun! Enjoy those pretty little ladies, they get big so fast.
  • kickassbertassYou will always have your raw, freakish, genetics and talent. So if you want to jump in a race for fun you'll still run well (it may hurt more), but when you want to train and do "you" time you will crush it, it won't go anywhere. It's always going to be there, just up to you when to let it out ;) And you know if you just want to eat good food and drink beer you can too, as long as you call me!!!! Excuse any type-os that tolerance I build in chi is now gone 🙈
  • carinwardThis is gold. You're the best, Mollie!
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