One Village Coffee has been connecting you to an amazing cup of coffee for 10 years! We don't want this Birthday to pass us by so we have been sharing a memory every #tbt (follow along with #10years10memories) that reminds us how far we have journeyed. 
This week's memory comes from our fearless leader, @coffeeandrea. Did you know that we are a women led company? We hope so because we talk about it with pride just about every chance we get. 2/3 of our executive leadership team are women and that is certainly not a stat you see every day in the specialty coffee world or business world.  Andrea is a master of translating stewardship to action which is probably why we are a certified #bcorporation . "I remember one of the first projects we worked on... we had met Bala on a trip to Nigeria back in 2004. His passion for his family and village was evident, and contagious. He wanted to build a school for his village so children within the community could have access to education. He saw coffee as a means to help with that vision. So, in the middle of desert-like African fields, we started to talk about coffee. He told us how valuable it was to his village. How the crop couldn't be stolen like many others because people didn't know what to do with it. He told us of the barriers to growing it in his fields, one of them being water. It was only natural that when we started One Village Coffee that we wanted to help Bala in some way fulfill his vision. Bala said, 'what about a well?' We said, 'yes!' Those conversations with Bala, his passion for bettering his family and those around him, planted seeds to birthing our vision. We keep in touch with Bala. He continually inspires me to be a better human, to love, to give abundantly. It has been a joy to hear this past year that the school he has dreamed of over 10 years ago is now being built." #specialtycoffee #coffeeculture #coffeelife #coffeeislife #smallbusiness #startup #womenandcoffee #thirdwavecoffee #coffeelover #coffeeaddict #happybirthday #happyanniversary #startuplife #hardworkpaysoff #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove #followyourdreams #motivation #entrepreneurship #girlboss #feminism #womeninbiz #ladyboss
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