.......thank you for all the Love and support! 'Twas a wild ride
  • ozcardagrouch.......thank you for all the Love and support! 'Twas a wild ride

  • caitlinl813I just watched the episode! Sad to see you go, but loved your ponderosa video afterward! I hope you come to Boston if there's another event there this year :)
  • diannaa817Ur r my best player of all times! Heart broken to see u get blindsided again!
  • kathleenosmithEyes and heart open. All wounds heal leaving something new. Better.
  • corrilmreyesU'll always be my number one!
  • ryan_mccarthy2424Legend
  • sarahg101@xaxni_ in case you want to follow him
  • yarisalandiaYou're the best player in the game. Breaks my heart to see you go home again. Eres una leyenda! 😊
  • yikes_jessicai'm glad you at least made it to jury
  • chiefs614I'm still so bummed you got voted off!! I could see that you have a passion for this game that transends $$.I hate that there is that aspect of survivor that isn't in your control, that it is in the hands of others who want to see you fail, people who's desire to play isn't as pure as yours, but such as life I guess?? I will ALWAYS be inspired by you! Thank you 💋💕
  • taaylorstonefollow me stud!!
  • julesoo34Wanted you to win !!!!!
  • morgancraigYou're so great! Awesome job sending all the love ✌️
  • trevordavisdressner_Dammmn ur my favorite player of all time. Debbie is such a bitch
  • laundryroomsatanistI DIDNT THINK I COULD HATE DEBBIE MORE THAN I DID! She's so dumb. You are the ultimate survivor of all time
  • zan_and_avas_momHey Oz, my husband and I are in town on vacation from NY! Had lunch at Gjusta today... had the chicken parm plate... very good! Is there a good time to stop by and say hi?
  • adrianna2513Guess I'm done for this season of survivor
  • mumma_joy76You'll forever be my fav😍😍😍 so sad 😭
  • littlewanderingmuse@ozcardagrouch Are you still on YouTube? Check your G+ messages🤘🏽
  • winniegee94You will always be my favorite survivor. Really was hoping you won this season.
  • ljncoconutmanhey oz where can i get that silver bracelet you wore on survivor my man? does anyone know what that is? thx justin
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