• heathergummoWe were chatting with a stranger at a train station who, when we told her our itinerary, lamented that we wouldn't be seeing "the real Japan". The real Japan? Considering the fact that most Japanese people live in cities, including the three we were visiting, what we were seeing seemed pretty real to me.
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    I absolutely see the appeal of visiting traditional sights. Everyone has their own interests, but when it comes to travelling, urban life is what gets me excited. I love finding spots where I feel like I could hang out and live happily for a while, and Tokyo was definitely one of those places. #heviinjapan
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  • kentervDifferent people like different things right! I split my time between super isolated (yakushima) and urban, and don't regret it at all. But there is too much to see, so you have to pick your battles, or just plan for another trip back! 😃
  • caleighjdhI agree. If you could live there for a year you would visit the smaller spots but you've only got so much time - if you visited Alberta not everybody lives in Calgary and Banff but you probably won't have time to make it out to Lacombe like the locals!
  • heathergummo@kenterv exactly! I would have loved to go to some of the more off the beaten path areas (and would next time!) but there's only so much you can see in a limited time. It's weird to me to be so disdainful about other peoples' choices.
  • heathergummo@caleighjdh haha totally. the average tourist doesn't make it out to the bouncy pillow even though they should! ;)
  • valcobabyhqThis is cool
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